Improv Club

Once a week CLOTA will be opening it’s doors to members of the community for an improvisation workshop club. These meetings are meant to be a place for interested parties to and practice on stage improvisation skills and coordinate for creative projects.

Much of the material we use to guide our sessions comes from and its network of resources. We encourage prospective and continuing attendees to make use of and to share insight gained from this wealth of knowledge.

Of particular importance are these rules for improv found in the aforementioned resource. Click here for further details:

1) Don’t Deny (accept your partner’s creativity)

2) Don’t ask open ended Questions (they put the burden of creativity on your partner)

3) You don’t have to be funny. (practicing wittiness and creativity are the goals of the workshop; “funny happens all on it’s own”)


4) You can look good if you make your partner look good.

5) Tell a story.

Everyone is welcome to attend, performers and audience alike. There may be chances for audience members to add variety to the workshop by contributing suggestions for performers to act out, but attendees are not required to participate.

There is no alcohol permitted at these events and attendees under 18 will need a parent/guardian present. Food and Drink is prohibited in the stage, but may be consumed/ temporarily held in the lobby.

Next meeting: Sunday, August 21, from 7-9:00pm at CLOTA Center Stage, 1425 N. Inyo